14 February 2011

A New House. Kinda.
A month from today my two cuddly housemates are embarking on a huge adventure together, jumping into 
their magic blue van to travel 'round Australia, then the world! This left me in somewhat of a pickle, housing wise. I had three choices, run home to Ma with my tail between my legs, to eat well, be surrounded by fresh vegies and countryside, and die of boredom; move back to the fetid, hellish fug that is Sydney, a place I never thought I'd leave, and now dread the idea of spending more than a few hours in; or stay right the Hell where I am, and live rough while I save some money. Being the self flaggelant bugger that I am, I'm sticking around right here on the coast. In a cave. Actually, in several caves-I've been planning*grins*.
 present, only ninety minutes walk from civilisation, on the temperate Central Coast of NSW , Australia, my fancy next home...
My proposed first residence, a fifteen minute walk from...

...the bath, which catches six hours of sun in the middle of Winter. Bracing, but not so cold that the brass monkey will be scrabbling around on the bottom for his balls.

My friends seem to think one of two things, that I'm crazy, and I'll try it for two days and quit, or that I'm crazy, and won't bother at all. I say "Pffft", I hope to be able to stay out in nature for at least six months, maybe more. I've worked out that I'll only have to shop once a week, so apart from work now and then, I'm free to luxuriate in some of the prettiest land I've ever seen.
I will have to carry the majority of my life on my back, which is easy, because apart from books and candles, my life basically fits in a backpack anyway. My diet will have to undergo some slight tweaks, meat only once a week for a start, which-if I've done my sums right, is how often I'll be heading in to shop. After nine months of sharing a house with vegetarians, that is no great sacrifice, I've basically given it up anyway, in deference to their tastes. I want to do everything in my power to avoid falling ill, so no more eggs and cheese, either-too much risk of spoilage. 

The hardest thing, and the bridge many friends think I'll be unable to cross-no more smoking, no more drinking. I want to leave the places I'm staying as pristine as I can, and smoking carries too many risks-fire, rubbish etc., as far as drinking goes, I just won't be physically able to carry the amount of alcohol I would like to the places I will be staying, or carry back the empties, so I'm giving up until I rejoin society again. 


  1. Wow that area is beautiful, you're very lucky to live there!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, good luck with all of this man!

  3. I've seriously considered doing something similar many times. Good luck, sir.

  4. This sounds like it could turn in to an amazing journey. Be sure to bring a camera, or at least document everything that you do. I would love to read it.