15 February 2011

Voltron Is Taking Video Game Form | Kotaku Australia

I have dreamed of this moment, I absolutely loved this show as a kid, used to wake up before the sun to make sure not even the eating of breakfast could interrupt with my viewing. This better not get fucked up.

via www.kotaku.com.au

The combined might of the Voltron licence and the publishing powers of THQ will bring the ’80s cartoon to video game form this year, according to a report from Variety.

The quintet of mechanical space lions that form Voltron will be part of a “series” of video games that aims to revitalise the franchise alongside a new animated TV show, Voltron Force, slated to air on Nickelodeon. No details yet on developer, platforms or release date, but Variety says to expect giant robot lions later this Spring (Autumn in Northern hemisphere).

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