17 February 2011

What was the last gig you went to?

Saw a great band last night. Not sure what their name was, or whether they even had a name. Might have just been a bunch guys who jam together a lot and do the occasional gig for beer money and the hell of it. They were a five-piece jazz combo, kicking out the jams at the local pub and I almost missed them because I had a friend with kids with me and it was getting on for bedtime when the music kicked off.

But what the hell. I'm supposed to be on holidays this week and although modern children are raised in a cloud of music, with most of them being able to work an iPod like champions by the age of five, other than the occasional Wiggles concert I'm guessing that for the most part their exposure to live music is pretty thin.

A pity. Because live music rocks.

Sure, last night's unexpected show wasn't akin to catching a guerilla gig by Death Cab for Cutie, but damn those old dudes played some tight little numbers. Made me wish I'd had a coupla bucket bongs before heading out for my burger 'n' chips.

The kids loved it. The room was jumping. And it all put me in mind of some awesome gigs I've rolled into over the years, often by accident, and strangely enough most often in the middle of nowhere. On a Tuesday. Don't know what it is about rural Australia, but they do turn out some great pub bands out there.

Made me wonder how it is we come to lose contact with music as we get older. It's not that we fall out of love with music. Nowadays we carry it with us at all times. But of course there comes a day when you realise it's been a year since you made the effort to get out and see a band or, er, whatever it is the kids these days see.

And that's a bummer. Because no matter the style. The era. Whatever. There are some great musicians out there every night, doing their thing for us. If only we had the time to listen. 


  1. last gig was Lamb of God, that was a while ago. need to get back into it...

  2. Hmmm, id have to say the Tim McGraw concert i went to when i was 12...im in collage now so its been a while

  3. It's been way too long; I think it was Kataklysm. One of the reasons is that the biggest venue in my city closed and I usually don't have the money for tickets and a four hour long round trip.
    There's nothing like the live experience. The bass guitar and drums thumping so hard you can feel it in your chest. The smell of beer, smoke, and sweat. For me (since I mostly go to metal shows), the pits with the accompanying bruises and busted lips. I do miss it.
    To address your question,I think a lot of people feel like they grow out of a "scene" (even if they still love the music) and therefore stop going to shows, thinking it's a younger people's game and feel a little silly being there. Kids, money and time are also factors as people age.

  4. My last gig was cradle of filth 2 weeks ago!!I even meet them backstage

  5. My last gig was years ago actually, it was Dizzee Rascal or whatever his name is, I don't really like him anymore.

    Speaking of which, I really do need to go to a festival or something.

    Nice blog, love the background. Followed.

  6. last gig... was Hall & Oates - I Can't go that :)
    Good memories btw

  7. Last gig I went to was Sum41 on their UK tour, pretty awesome, but the support bands sucked.

  8. I've only ever been to my friend's band live. I just don't like the sound of a band live, they never sound as good as the album. maybe if more bands had a better stage presence then maybe i'd consider going.

  9. @Rolo
    Captain, I feel for you-live bands aren't meant to sound like an album, it's ten percent tunes, and ninety percent drugs, sweat, sex and swagger...